Course series

Decoding Digital Denmark

  • Type: Online Course
  • Format: E-book
  • Duration: 4 x 20min
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Learn about Denmark's approach to public digitalisation and the governance that underpins it. Understand core elements of digital transformation covering national digital strategies and infrastructure, data governance, and joint national frameworks and tools.

Course overview

This course is divided into the following modules:


This course highlights the key steps in Denmark’s digital journey and the importance of a digital vision.

1—Denmark's Digital Strategy Unlocked

Gain insight into the key steps of Denmark’s digital journey, the vision behind it and the governance supporting it.

2—Seamless Digital Integration

Learn about the role of Public Digital Infrastructure (DPI) in facilitating digital transformation by exploring the significance of Denmark’s core digital government services.

3—Denmark’s Digital Blueprint

Understand the significance of standards and digital architecture frameworks by exploring the key Danish unified national digital frameworks.

4—Legislation and Digitalisation

Discover the importance of establishing a foundational legal framework to implement new and enhanced digital solutions.