Course series

Citizen-centric Design

  • Type: Online Course
  • Format: E-book
  • Duration: 3 x 20min
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Learn about Denmark's citizen-centric approach to digital service and the strategies and policies launched to ensure access for all. Understand Denmark's approach to user experience, web accessibility, and digital inclusion and the tools developed to support it.

Course overview

This course is divided into the following modules:


The course offers a understanding of the policies and tools developed during the Danish digital journey with the aim to create a citizen-centric and accessible digital public sector.

1—Putting the Citizen at the Centre

Learn about the importance of User Experience (UX) when building an efficient digital public sector.

2—Empowering Every Citizen

Gain insight into how web accessibility can help bridging the digital divide.

3—Digital Inclusion

Examine Denmark's emphasis on digital inclusion as a means to create a public sector accessible to everyone.